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    Magento officially doesn't support Php 5.6. But you know, the latest version of Php (right now 5.6.1) comes with a lots of new features and optimizations, which could be handy.

    But those nasty deprecated messages “Deprecated functionality: iconv_set_encoding(): Use of iconv.internal_encoding is deprecated” fills Magento’s logs, right?

    Temporarily, we simply just have to override some core files of Magento (well, they are core Zend Framework files).

    Here are the steps to follow:
    1. Create the following folders:

    2. Copy the following files from /lib/Zend/ to /app/code/local/Zend/:

    3. Open the files from /app/code/local/Zend/ in a text editor and search for “internal_encoding” and replace them with “default_charset”.

    Before doing this, make sure that the “internal_encoding” string is a parameter of an iconv related function. Don’t replace “mb_internal_encoding”, “$internal_encoding” or any other non iconv related stuff, because code will be broke.

    This solution is for Magento 1.8, but it should be very similar for 1.9 as well. If you are not sure, just search in all files for “internal_encoding” and do the three steps above for the needed files.

    Hope this would be help!

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