Magento SEO Checklist Service

Increase your sales by checking your site for SEO compliancy. Magento Extensions offers the service to run your site through extensive SEO checklists.

Magento SEO Checklist Service

Be the first to review this product Extensions for Magento offers the service to run your site through extensive SEO checklists.

Website & Navigation Structurexxx
Page with sitemap HTMLxxx
XML site map located in root dir /sitemap.xmlxxx
SEO friendly menu structure / text and listsxxx
Search engine friendly urls (hierarchial, with descriptive text)xxx
breadcrumbs with hypertext links xx
per category hyper text links to subcategories xx
use full urls in hyperlinks instead of relative ones xx
forms: use label element to connect field xx
navigation, headings and such are indexable text, no picturesxxx
Setup of HTMLxxx
Use HTML hypertext links instead of JS-links xx
no frames and no iframesxxx
title tag use for browser title for search engines. Different from page titlexxx
Meta tag is manageable per pagexxx
Meta keyword tag is manageable per pagexxx
Alt text per page is manageable per pagexxx
H1 for page headers, H2 for in between headers and so onxxx
Summations as lists with li tagsxxx
strong used for bold textxxx
correct and valid HTML (w3c validation, cross browser)xxx
js and style sheets in external filesxxx
Rel Canonical tagsxxx
Unique contentxxx
Contact, Privacy and Cookie policyxxx
Domains and redirectsxxx
Choose for head domain (with or without www), other variation redirect with 301 redirectxxx
Other domains use redirect with 301 redirectxxx
In case domain has redirect to subpage: change to 301 redirectxxx
Other redirects change to 301 redirectsxxx
404 only use for non existing pagesxxx
Putting live website xx
Pages have no dead links xx
Dummy texts fully removed xx
Tracking code Google Analytics placed and tested xx
Speed optimization  x
Test speed load  x
Optimize speed  x
Caching  x

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